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Elastomers and Composites. Vol. 57, No. 2, 2022

The Effect of Chemical Structure of Main Monomers and Cross-linking Monomers for Acrylic Co-polymers
Elastomers Compos. 2022;57(2):29-39.
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Improvement of the Wear Resistance of PP using Montmorillonite
Elastomers Compos. 2022;57(2):40-47.
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Preparation of Adhesion Promoter for Lead Frame Adhesion and Application to Epoxy Composite
Elastomers Compos. 2022;57(2):48-54.
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Covalent Adaptable Liquid Crystal Elastomers Comprising Thiourea Bonds: Reprocessing, Reprogramming and Actuation
Elastomers Compos. 2022;57(2):55-61.
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Recent Progress in Passive Radiative Cooling for Sustainable Energy Source
Elastomers Compos. 2022;57(2):62-72.
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