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Elastomers and Composites. Vol. 56, No. 2, 2021

A Review on Recent Development and Applications of Dielectric Elastomers
Elastomers Compos. 2021;56(2):57-64.
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Electrical Properties of CNT and Carbon Fiber Filled Hybrid Composites Based on PA66
Elastomers Compos. 2021;56(2):65-71.
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Characterization of EVA/PCM/Silica Compound using Silica
Elastomers Compos. 2021;56(2):72-78.
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Development of Hyperelastic Model for Butadiene Rubber Using a Neural Network
Elastomers Compos. 2021;56(2):79-84.
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A Variety of Particles Including Tire Wear Particles Produced on the Road
Elastomers Compos. 2021;56(2):85-91.
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Change of Crystalline Properties of Poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) according to the Microstructures
Elastomers Compos. 2021;56(2):92-99.
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