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Elastomers and Composites. Vol. 58, No. 2, 2023

Effects of Blowing and Nucleating Agents on the Foaming Properties of Nylon 6
Elastomers Compos. 2023;58(2):65-69.
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Thermal Stability of Phenylphosphonic Acid Modified Polyurethanes
Elastomers Compos. 2023;58(2):70-80.
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Study on Inhomogeneity in Compositions of Asphalt Pavement Wear Particles Using Thermogravimetric Analysis
Elastomers Compos. 2023;58(2):81-86.
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Characteristics in Size Distributions and Morphologies of Wear Particles Depending on Types of Abrasion Testers
Elastomers Compos. 2023;58(2):87-94.
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